Saturday, January 3, 2015

Christmas Recap!

Christmas is always busy around the Blackmon house. This year, we had 8 separate Christmas family events we attended! One of my favorite times around Christmas (and maybe the only one that I remembered my camera for this year...) is spending time with my cousins at Nana and Papa's house. We typically do a Christmas Eve brunch and then open presents and play!

First, Papa always reads the Christmas story. 

Then, the present opening begins!

Dad watching the kiddos.

Mom with her annual cousin Christmas calendar that Carey makes us each year. 

Macrae with the keyboard. 

Sweet Macrae opening presents with "un-ca daw-wa"

G putting on a concert for us with his new drums and microphone. 

Unknowingly, almost everyone gave Gatlin or Macrae some sort of musical instrument for Christmas. They got drums, a microphone, a keyboard, a tambourine, and a recorder. It was quite a musical Christmas!

I was shocked that Gatlin knew exactly what to do with the drums. He would even start off his song by hitting his drumsticks together and kept tapping his foot like he was using a foot pedal. 

Macrae rocking out!

And Campbell getting in a set on the drums!

Then come the concerts!

Love this little man!

Of course Campbell knows how to really get into a performance :)

It's always so fun to see these kiddos, and even more fun during Christmas where we can spoil them just a little and see Christmas through their eyes. 

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