Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Cousins

This year, I will admit, I did a pretty poor job remembering my camera for most of the Christmas functions. But, one of the places I remembered was at my Nana's house, because the cousins were there! I have 3 sweet little cousins that I love so so much and this year was so fun!

Since Campbell is obsessed with my sister, and Gatlin loves me and Uncle Keith, my mom has 'claimed' Macrae for herself. So they hang out a lot :)

Campbell was ready for the gifts!!

Me, Sammy, and Macrae were trying to recreate a photo we took with Campbell when she was a baby. Someone told Campbell to get in the picture and she was not having it! hahaha! :)

Macrae cuddling with Nana

Campbell feeding Macrae

Being with them this year was even sweeter than normal because my middle cousin, Gatlin, came straight to Christmas from the hospital. (He was battling a nasty infection that seems to have turned the corner). At first, he was still a little shy and sleepy, but that boy sure did turn it on by the end of the day!

I mean, who can resist that face?!?

Hanging out with mom

And, since we just got out of the hospital, now is a perfect time to get a scooter! Stitches anyone?

Luckily, for now, he just thinks you are supposed to jump off of it...

...and onto a nearby chair.

Campbell playing with her new puppy toy

Us with her new puppy!

But the best moment of all was with this little guy. Will and I were leaving and I asked him for a hug. He turned around and hugged me and then I went to leave. He ran over to me and said "kiss? kiss?" with this puppy dog look on his face. It felt like my heart exploded with rainbows and sunshine. I went over and kissed this sweetheart, and we went to leave. Then, he looked at Will and went "kiss? kiss?", so Will kissed him, and then he said "hug? hug?" and Will had to hug him. I mean, seriously?? That's like the sweetest thing ever!

What a precious child. We are so lucky to have these three kiddos in our family :)

Friday, December 27, 2013

Bed Swap

A few posts back, I mentioned that Will and I got a king sized bed (!). But, that did mean some switching around had to happen. 

I was so excited for the bed rails to get here, it finally started to feel real!

Our third bedroom before. It still felt like a dumping ground for stuff. Sometimes it still feels like that, but I have a plan in place to make it more home-y and a more like a comfy 'hang out' type room. 

All the stuff moved around in the 2nd bedroom to make way for our old bed. 

I love this setup in the 3rd bedroom. I have already used it to lay around and read for a few random nights. 

Obviously much much more work to go in this bedroom. Step 1: Paint Trim, Step 2: Arrange shelves, Step 3: Hang something over the closet doors, Step 4: Decide on a wall color, Step 5: Paint ridged wood paneled walls (any volunteers? haha!)

New bed frame all set up!

It's finally here!!

Unfortunately, since we haven't bought proper bedding yet, we just had to take the comforters off the other two beds and sleep with separate blankets. But, armed with gift cards, and on the lookout for a good January linen sale, I am sure that will be fixed soon!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Better Late Than Never

So, my posts have been few and far between lately. Partly due to sheer laziness, partly due to working on fun Christmas gift projects that couldn't be shared yet, and partly because our computer seems to be on the way out (I got a blue screen of death while uploading these pics...keep your fingers crossed this thing makes it a couple more years :))

Anyways, a few weeks back, myself and a few other coworkers threw a baby shower for my work BFF Kristin. I was super excited when Kristin told me she was pregnant (except for the whole she-wouldn't-be-at-work-for-months-while-on-maternity-leave thing), but I was FLOORED when she told me it was TWINS! A few weeks later, she found out it was a boy and a girl, which is awesome!

Boy and girl decorations

Diaper cake I made for little Tucker Matthew. 

And another diaper cake for sweet Lillian Margaret. 

And, even though we don't typically do this with work showers, we did a game. People had to hold a 'crying' baby while changing another babies diaper. This match up between two moms was pretty even. 

However, when Kristin took on a non-mom...

The results were pretty decisive. :) At least if someone is good at that game, it better be her!

But, it was most fun watching the boys attempt this. Bahahaha!

Loved our fun time celebrating these already loved little ones. Now, cook just a little bit longer, I am sure your momma can handle it! :)

I'm telling you, these kiddos are already part of the HTI family. And awkward pregnancy photos. 

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Back to a Braves Game!

Well, if you read regularly, you know that Will was out of town for a while for work. We only got to see each other every other weekend or so during that time period. But, that's all over!! And of course, the first weekend he was back for good, we went back out of town!

We had the first in a series of weddings that weekend and it happened to be in the Atlanta area, our old stomping grounds. So, we decided to make a long weekend out of it, hit some of our favorite spots, see some old friends, and catch a Braves playoff game!


When we lived in Atlanta, Will was so spoiled by being able to go to 10+ Braves game a season. However, since moving back to Greenville, he just doesn't get to go nearly as much as he wants. So, when it was a playoff game, and the first 10,000 people got a tomahawk, we got there EARLY, folks. 


We had great seats, and, even better for me, two of the couples in our old small group happened to be at the game! We got to meet up with Jason & Bess and finally meet their sweet boy Skipper, and see Tyler & Ann, who just announced they are expecting as well! It was so nice to catch up with old friends that I didn't even think to get pictures while we were together. Of all the things we miss about Atlanta, our small group is definitely one of the biggest!


Watching some warm up. Again, we were here early!


First pitch thrown out by Bobby Cox!



Luckily, the Braves pulled out a win, however they did lose the series and got knocked out of the postseason. Hey, there's always next year, right? :)

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Needtobreathe Concert!

A few weekends ago, Will and I made a special trip down to Columbia to go to the State Fair to see one of our favorite bands, Needtobreathe! We met Will's sister Mindy and a friend for dinner near the fairgrounds and headed down to the concert. We ended up getting there halfway into the first song and rushed into our seats. And our seats were AWESOME! 8 rows back almost in the middle. 


"Washed by the Water" in the rain :)


NTB is an awesome live show if you ever get a chance, go see them!



We were so close! One of my best friends Kristi and her fiance also had tickets with us, but traffic and parking problems met that they got there with 1.5 songs left in their show. That would be my only complaint, I wished the show was longer!!


Generally, Will and I aren't concert people. In fact, I think this was one of the first concerts we have been to during our marriage. However, this concert was great! It helps that we love the band and know all of their songs, but they were also really good live. Different enough from the records that you know they are really signing, full of passion, and they just seem like nice people! :)


Kristi & I!


The four of us!


7 months from today, they will be married! :)

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Doing a Little Dreaming

So, the Blackmon home is in for a little upgrade. And by little, I mean king sized! That's right ladies and gentlemen, Will has finally caved and we are getting a king sized bed!! I have wanted one forever, and our bedroom is plenty big enough, so we figured we would finally upgrade!

Of course, with upgrading to a bigger bed, that means I have to figure out new bedding. Which is a total nightmare. Married ladies can probably understand my struggle. We ladies want beautiful, luxurious fluffy bedding. Boys want something that's "not girly". Hmmmm.... So the search begins!

Love this bedding look from Pottery Barn (who am I kidding, I love almost everything about Pottery Barn but their prices!)

More PB neutral bedding love :)

Or maybe a little darker look for the bedroom. 

Well, I have lots of things to think about. Hopefully I can come up with some "non-girly" options before our new bed arrives :)

Sunday, September 29, 2013


So, a few weeks back, I started another project. And maybe this was a stupid project. But I started painting the trim in our guest room. The trim in our home is old, stained and not in great shape in several places.


I knew it would make a big difference, but here was the first place I started. And you can see what a huge difference it makes. The new trim is bright white, semi-gloss, and looks awesome!


Here are the closet doors before I started. 


Halfway done with the closet door!


New, bright shiny white doors!

I know that painting the trim is a huge undertaking, and quite honestly, while I love the finished look, I have way too much trim in this house. So far, the guest bedroom and master bedroom and bathroom are done. I'm telling you, before long, I will have painted every single surface in this home. :)