Sunday, May 27, 2012

Finally! It's Finished!

I have finally completed the never-ending project! The dining room furniture is DONE!!! Can you tell how excited this makes me? This furniture has been a thorn in my side since day 1. But it's all worth it now!

This is how it looked at first. 

Every surface needed to be sanded. Easy enough on the table and buffet. Not so cool on the spindles of the chairs. 

From there, we go to primer. We decided to spray paint primer on.

Will hard at work!

Since we were doing this phase over winter, it was very difficult to find weekend days that were warm enough and not too windy for us to spray paint. That definitely delayed the project a while. 

Finally starting to see some progress!

Once all of the chairs/leg spindles were spray painted, we decided to roll/brush the rest of the furniture. We could do that in our sun room, and it was a lot faster and gave us a smoother finish. Once we made that switch, it just took two weekends to get everything finished. 

The table, with both leaves in, barely fit in the sunroom. 

Zebra hutch!

Coat 1 complete.

Will and his dad moved everything in while I was in book club, and I love it!

View from the kitchen.

From the living room. 

Buffet and hutch

From the dining room.

Now I just have to figure out what the heck to put on the hutch shelves. I have glass front cabinets for my china, so I won't really use it strictly as a china cabinet. Any ideas?

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  1. LOVE! Beautiful job! You can put keepsakes? cookbooks? extra serving pieces? glasses? wine :) photographs? play around and post photos!