Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Day 6: Taggart Lake Hike

Thursday was our last full day in Jackson Hole, so we decided to take a hike to Taggart Lake. I was thinking  that it would be by far the least pretty hike that we went on in comparison to the other hikes, but it was beautiful. It made it even nicer that it was a less crowded hike. For the first half of the hike we didn't see a single person. 


Will headed toward the lake. 


At the lake there was this cool wooden bridge. 


The water was so perfectly clear.


Us sitting on the bridge.


Just me


Will goofing off on the rocks in the lake. 


On the way back!

Now, all week as we drove through the Tetons, I had been seeing bikers and runners using a great trail that the park service put in several years ago that parallels the road and the Teton range. It was way too long to run there all the way from the hotel, so I kept scheming how I could get in a run in this beautiful scenery. Finally, I just told Will that after our hike, I was going on a run, even if I was tired and couldn't go that far. So I changed and set off for the next overlook where Will could drive to and pick me up. 



Will was sneaking up on me. 


I mean, even if you aren't a runner, these views have to make you want to get out on that trail. 


Though it was a short run, it was without a doubt the most beautiful run I have ever been on. Next time we go back, I'm thinking sunrise runs on multiple days, just don't tell Will :)


If you haven't yet, GO HERE!


My hubby!


Me at the Teton sign!


Can't wait to go back!

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